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Occupational Safety & Health (Graduate): Find Articles

Suggested Databases

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Discovery Search

Located on the library home page, the Discovery Search box searches most of the library databases at once, including many of those which are useful for occupational safety and health research.

ABI/INFORM Collection

ABI/INFORM Collection's massive content set includes scholarly/peer-reviewed full-text  journals as well as key trade publications and news sources related to occupational safety and health topics.

‚ÄčFor a complete list of databases and their descriptions, click the Databases link located on the CSU Library homepage.

What are peer-reviewed articles?

Peer-reviewed articles, sometimes called scholarly or academic articles, are research studies or critical overviews of industry topics that are written by subject experts and reviewed by other experts in the field before publication in order to ensure the articles' quality.

See this guide for more information about identifying peer-reviewed articles and how to find them in the CSU Library.

Useful Databases for Occupational Safety & Health Research

ABI/INFORM Collection

Topics Covered:  safety management, federal regulation, regulatory agencies, ergonomics, fines & penalties, occupational hazards, compliance, hazardous substances, and personal protective equipment

Business Source Ultimate

Topics Covered:  safety regulations, law & legislation, safety measures, accidents, public health, factory inspection, safety engineers, health risk assessment, asbestos, medical policy, fire prevention, hazard mitigation, judgments, risk perception, disaster relief, environmental risk management, equipment and supplies

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center

Topics Covered:  safety regulations, safety measures, accidents, public health, factory inspection, safety engineers, health risk assessment, fire prevention, hazard mitigation, judgments (law), risk perception, disaster relief, environmental risk

Academic OneFile

Topics Covered:  safety regulations, OSHA, workplace accidents, construction industry, work-related injuries, safety consultants, ergonomics, work environment, occupational exposure, risk management

Academic Search Ultimate

Topics Covered:  safety measures, risk factors, industrial safety, industrial hygiene, work environment, work-related injuries, accident prevention, occupational diseases, construction industry, occupational hazards

General OneFile

Topics Covered:  workplace accidents, work environments, risk management, government agencies, occupational health services, job stress, compensation management, employer liability, disability insurance, occupational diseases, safety education, safety regulations


Topics Covered:  occupational health, occupational safety, occupational stress, stress, health behavior

Ask a Librarian!

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What is the best way to search the library databases?

The best way to search the library databases is to try out different combinations of key words/short phrases.  Phrase searching is one technique you can use to refine your search.  To phrase search, place phrases inside quotation marks or parentheses.  This tells the database to search the phrase as a unit instead of a string of keywords.


"safety management"

(safety management)

How can I find a specific journal in the CSU Library?

In order to search for specific journals or other publications in the library, use the Publication Finder, which is also located within the E-Journals box on the library homepage.