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LibConnect: September 2022

A place for the CSU Library team to connect and share.

September 2022

Summer is officially over this month!

Share your favorite memory from something fun or meaningful you did this summer!


My family came to visit right before summer got into full swing! This was my niece's first time visiting the beach since she was a baby. 



I love to hike and walk on the beach, which I did several times this summer! Although summer is officially over around here, fall is even better...nicer weather, fewer crowds...

I'm looking forward to even more outdoor fun this fall!



We attended the Labor Day Liftoff as we said goodbye to summer. This is an annual event held during Labor Day weekend. There are balloon glows in the evening and early morning liftoffs. It's a lot of fun and just a tiny sample of the even bigger Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that happens in October and is truly spectacular. (this is not my photo, but I loved the vantage point of this one)


This summer flew by but was filled with a lot of fun traveling for us. We made some great memories but I would have to say the highlight was my birthday trip to Sedona and other parts of Arizona. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip!


That is Cathedral Rock behind us. We were about half way up at this point. 


The amazing view from the top.                                                                          Very scary to climb but I think worth it for the picture!

Just happy I made it! 

The Barringer Meteor Crater. Not the biggest in the world but the best preserved! And still pretty big!


Tyler with a giant petrified tree and the Painted Desert in the background.           Another shot of the Painted Desert


Some logs from the Petrified Forest


The Grand Canyon