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LibConnect: 2022 | October 31-November 4

A place for the CSU Library team to connect and share.

National Caramel Apple Day 

Share a your favorite type of caramel apple, or a recipe with apples and caramel. 


I'm not a fan of the whole covered caramel apples, because they can be pretty messy and hard to eat. However, caramel apple slices like these are so yummy!


I agree with most of you, caramel apples taste great but are inconvenient to eat. 

I really enjoy a caramel apple dip though! This one is made with cream cheese and toffee bits!


They remind me of my grandma. She had a peanut chopper, and I liked chopping the peanuts. She was the best!

 I don't like to bite into them, so I have to cut them because I don't like the mess :)


Honestly, I'm not a big fan of caramel apples, but I thought this deep-fried caramel apple from a state fair looked very interesting--I'm guessing it would taste something like a caramel apple pie...


The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has good caramel apples. I prefer just a plain one, but there are a variety of other toppings to choose from.