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LibConnect: December 2022

A place for the CSU Library team to connect and share.

Winter Time!

Winter is officially here this month starting December 21st! We all celebrate winter a little differently. Share some favorite memories you have from past winters!


Winter time in TN was pretty great. When I was a kid we almost always had a white Christmas. That meant we would hook up the sled to the back of the 4-wheeler and my Dad would drive us around. Was it a little dangerous? Yep! But it was fun! The more snow in those years, the better. We have an embankment next to our house that was perfect for sledding as well. And if I had the pictures on hand, I'd show you all the many years of horribly built snow men that sat in our back yard each year. Those were some really fun memories that I get to cherish. 



This is one of my favorite winter memories! My kids and I have always loved snow, and it snowed at least three times that winter (2014). We had so much fun that year! This photo always makes me laugh because Savannah was sticking out her tongue to catch snowflakes on it. :-)


Growing up in NE Ohio not far from Lake Erie, we always had a lot of snow every winter. So, playing in the snow with my brothers is one of my favorite memories. We would get bundled up in our snow suits and spend all day playing outside. One year, we had enough snow to build "igloos" and my oldest brother even tried to spend the night in his. (My parents didn't let that happen lol). The house I grew up in is surrounded by woods so that makes it extra pretty in the wintertime. Another favorite memory is helping my dad bring in wood for the wood-burning furnace that would keep the house nice and toasty. My brothers and I would form an assembly line at the basement window, one would chop it/take it from my dad, one would throw it and one would stack it in the basement :)