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Librarian Resources

Course Announcements Process Description

In an effort to ensure consistent placement of course announcements, the below procedures have been created for implementation. 

Course Announcement Procedures

1. After receiving permission from each instructor  
2. Log into Blackboard.  
3. Click on “System Admin.”  
4. Click on “Courses.”  
5. Click on date created “twice”.  
6. Type the appropriate course number or course name in the search box and click on “Go.”  
7. Select course from list.  
8. Select “Quick Enroll” at the bottom of the left column.  
9. Click on the “OK” button in the pop‐up window to be given the role of an instructor.  
10. Click on “Announcements” in the left column. (See Example)  
11. Select “Create Announcement” at the top of the announcements section.  
12. Enter announcement subject and message.  
13. Under “Web Announcement Options”, select “Date Restricted.” 
14. Select “Display After” and choose the date and time the announcement should be published.  
15. Click “Submit”.  
16. Take a screenshot of the announcement and place in “Course Announcements Posted” 
folder in the S‐Drive. 
17. Select “Quick Unenroll” at the bottom of the left column to unenroll from the course.  
18. Track announcement information in “Course Announcement_Tracking".

Do you need help with your research in the CSU Library?

Try a search in the Discovery Search box on the library home page. 

Search tip: 

  • Place quotation marks around phrases to search for your exact phrases, and connect multiple keywords with the word AND (“fire prevention” AND programs).

Be sure and check out the Fire Administration and Fire Science Research Guide for more suggestions on finding articles, e-books, and websites for your research.

Good morning, CSU Faculty,

Next Wednesday, January 13th, I will be hosting an instruction session for students on conducting research in the ABI/INFORM Collection and Business Source Ultimate databases in the CSU Library at 5:00 PM CST via RingCentral. All students who are enrolled in the graduate Business programs are welcome to attend.

If you have students who might benefit from our discussion, please send them the following announcement, or post it in your courses. We would love for them to join us!



The CSU Library invites you to an instruction session on conducting research in the ABI/INFORM Collection and Business Source Ultimate databases in the CSU Library. We will go over important features of each database as well as database search strategies, and you will have the opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have about library research. Learn to navigate ABI/INFORM Collection and Business Source Ultimate for your research!

WHAT: Using Business Source Ultimate and ABI/INFORM Collection for Business Research

WHEN: Wednesday, January 13th, 5:00 PM CST


The meeting room will be open 15 minutes prior to the start time. If you have issues entering the webinar meeting room, please reach out to the IT Help Desk at 1-800-977-8449, ext. 6540