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Librarian Resources

Course Review Process Description

In an effort to ensure an effective and consistent course review process, the below procedures have been createdfor implementation.

Course Review Process

1. Open the course instructional packet (IP), accessible through the Intellitach link found within the “Ready for Your Second Peer Review” email.
2. Verify the accuracy of each reference to the CSU Library. Search for the term “library” using <CTRL> <F>. Read each reference to the library in context to ensure the library is accurately represented.
3. Review the “Final Course Evaluation” checklist. The “Final Course Evaluation” should include a checked box indicating that at least one assignment requires students to use the CSU 
4. Review individual assignments to ensure at least one assignment requires students to use library.
5. Verify library resources can be found in the library, and check library links to ensure that each link opens. Permalinks should be taken directly from the database and not from the EDS.
6. Check copyright permissions tables to make sure library resources were verified through Copyright Clearance Center.
7. Check to see if outside-linked articles are available in the library’s databases. If so, verify the publication through Copyright Clearance Center; recommend that library resources be used if copyright permissions allow. 
8. Read research instructions to make sure students can follow them. If instructions are not easily followed, offer a solution.
9. If possible, offer suggestions for how the library could “embed” resources in the course. 
10. Add the appropriate research guide to Omega.
11. When the course review is complete, send any recommendations to the course’s instructional designer.

1. In Omega, select “Course Management” in the menu in the left column.
2. Select “Course Numbers” from the list in the window on the right.
3. Enter the course number in the “Course Number” search box and click “Search.” 
4. Select the course information in the lower window.
5. Select the appropriate course revision. 
6. Paste the research guide’s URL in the “Library URL” box.
7. Click on the “Save” button.