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Librarian Resources

Course Quality Ticket Process Description

In an effort to ensure effective and consistent submission of course quality tickets, the below procedures have been created. 

Creating and Submitting A Course Quality Ticket

1. Student or Librarian identifies course issue.   
2. Identify a library resource or library information issue featured in a course. 
3. Note the course number and the unit number in which the issue has occurred. 
4. Take a screenshot of the issue.
5. Include a description, notes, and any suggestions along with the issue.  
6. Track course quality ticket information on Course Quality Tracking document in the S‐Drive, including Date Submitted, Submitted by, Course Number, Course Title, Unit(s), Reported Concern(s), and Recommended Resolution. 
7. Submit an email to CSU‐Course‐Quality and copy the Dean of Library. 
8. When a course quality issue is resolved and an email follow‐up is sent, track the Date of Resolution and if Suggestions Taken for resolution on the Course Quality Tracking document in the S‐Drive.