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Librarian Resources

Chat Process Description

The CSU Library uses the Library H3lp chat plaform and the ChatStaff service for our chat needs. The ChatStaff  service manages the library's overflow and off-hour chats. Below are our chat procedures and examples of canned messages.

Chat Procedures

Examples of Canned Messages

  • A good place to begin your search is on the library homepage in the search all box.
  • Are there any other specifics you are looking for?
  • A new window will open which gives you an alphabetical list of all of the library's databases and their descriptions.
  • Are you on the library home page?
  • Click on the gray database box.
  • Do you know how to get to this database in the library?
  • Faculty Thank you for your inquiry! For your faculty-related questions, please call (877-268-8046) or email ( the library, or Skype a librarian through “Skype for Business” instead of using the Ask a Librarian Chat. We want our faculty to receive the best possible support from the library, so please contact the CSU librarians directly--we are excited to work with you!
  • Good luck with your assignment and your research! J
  • Here's the Bookstore's contact info: phone (877) 323-4474 or email
  • Here's the HelpDesk's contact info: Phone 877-399-1063 or through Live Chat in your Student Portal.
  • Here's the Writing Center's 7th edition APA example for citing a journal article from a library database:
  • Here's the Writing Center's contact info: Phone (877) 875-0533 or email
  • Here's where you can set up a research appointment:
  • I am so sorry. I am unable to assist with this, but after you get clarification from your professor, please feel free to come back so we can assist you with your library research.
  • I'm sorry, but we're currently experiencing technical difficulties with the Library website. We have someone working on it and hope to be back online soon!
  • I’m still searching. Thank you for waiting.
  • If you have APA or formatting questions, you will want to reach out to the Writing Center directly free to come back to the library and I can assist you with finding resources.
  • Is there anything else I can help you with in the library at the moment?
  • Most of our databases are available through subscription services that are standard across colleges and universities, so the library only has so much control over how the search features are designed, sized, or placed.
  • One moment while I look into this.
  • Please copy/paste your assignment's instructions into the chat
  • Please let me know if you have questions or if you're not finding enough to work with, and we can work on more searches :-)
  • Sure! Happy to help! :-)
  • Please let me know if you have any more questions :-)

Chat Queue

1.  Login to Library H3lp Web Client (Sign in - LibraryH3lp Webclient)

2. Select "Available" to become active in the chat queue. 

2. When logging out of the chat queue or going on break, select "Away". 

Reference Interview (Chat)

1.    Greet the student. “Welcome to CSU Library. How may I help you?” (Create canned messages)
2.    Ask how we may help.
3.    Ask open-ended questions designed to elicit more information about the student’s research needs. 
4.    Try a database search with the student, providing instruction and clarification as necessary. 
5.    Assess progress of chat, and ask for student information if needed.  
6.    Use appropriate follow-up questions or statements to ensure the student has found what they need. 
7.    Follow-up with email or phone call if necessary. 
8.    Encourage the student to reach out again if he or she has further questions. 
9.    Encourage the student to take student survey.
10.    Document reference interaction on the “Email_Phone_RA_PhoneContact” tracking form found in the S-Drive under 04_Phone, Email and F2F. 
11.    NOTE: If using a recycled email, remember to take out all identifying information for the existing email. 

The Library uses TechSmith Capture to easily share screenshots with library patrons on chat. Technical Support can assist with installing the program on your computer.