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Librarian Resources

Phone Process Description

In an effort to ensure effective and consistent phone call etiquette, the below procedures have been created.

Phone Call Guide

Phone Queue Procedure

1. Log in to RingCentral and select the thumbnail image in the upper right corner.
2. The “Share status” should be set to “Available”, then select “Accept queue calls’. This will turn the gray button blue.
3. When logging out of the phone queue, select “Accept queue calls” again. This will turn the button back to gray. Remember to log out of the phone queue when being away from your computer.

External Phone Calls Procedure

1. Record date and time in notes. Answer phone call and provide greeting: “Thank you for calling the CSU Library. This is insert name. How may I help you?” 
2. If not initially given, request Student ID number, student first and last name, and the nature of their call. 
3. If needing to utilize information in Omega, confirm identity of student in Omega using 2 pieces of information, such as email address, current mailing address, or phone number. 
4. Speak with student to determine their particular research or information need. If applicable, record course number and unit number associated with their current research assignment. 
5. Provide student with research assistance or direct them accordingly. 
(See additional sections for steps taken to assist or direct students.)
6. Complete the call.
7. Document any final notes about the call.

1. Provide immediate support for library research assistance.
2. Confirm that the student is satisfied with the help they received following assistance.
3.  Provide student with library contact information and restate the available library office hours for that day and throughout the work week.
4.  Encourage student to take library student survey. (Send survey to student via email after the phone call.)

4. Confirm student’s non-library request or need.
5. If student’s identity is not yet confirmed, request Student ID number and confirm identity of student in Omega using 2 pieces of information, such as email address, current mailing address, or phone number.  
6. On the RingCentral dial pad, click “More” and select “Transfer.” 
7. Enter the extension number for transfer and select “Ask first.”
8. The call will ring through to the extension. Share the student’s ID number and the reason for transfer. 
9. Click “Complete Transfer” when you are ready to pass the call to the receiving party.
10. Document any final notes about the call.