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Librarian Resources


Omega is a software system developed by CSU to manage student records. It is integrated with many other systems including Blackboard, Financial Aid, and Accounting, among others. 

Omega Procedures

1. Establish VPN Connection. 
2. Access Omega by using the following link https://rdapp.columbia.local/. This is the “RemoteApp and Desktop Connection”.   
3. Within the “RemoteApp and Desktop Connection”, log in with your network credentials.  a. User Name: CSU email address 
b. Password: Network password used to log in to your work computer
4. A new screen will populate. Select the Omega Icon to download the Launcher. Click the Launcher once it appears, and the download will start. 
5. In the box select “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and click “Connect”.  *This step will only need to be conducted the first time.  
6. Log in to Omega using your Omega credentials. 

  • User Name: Omega User Name 
  • Password: Omega password 

1. Access Omega. 
2. Locate student record. (See Omega–Student Record) 
3. Click the “Contacts” tab at the top of the record. 
4. Add a contact note by first clicking the “New Contact Note” button. (Small yellow sheet of paper emblem just under the “Follow Up Options” box near the upper left side of the page.)
5. An entry box will appear. Enter the “Contact Note”. Notes are accessible to students upon request and should use natural, professional language.
6. Choose the “Type” and the “Direction” from each dropdown box. 
7. In the note include the date, time, method, and reason for student contact. 
8. Click “Ok” to save Contact Note. 
9. Exit student record when completed. 

Omega History