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Process Description

In an effort to ensure consistent reference assessment and assessment tracking records, the below procedures have been created for implementation. 

Reference Assessment Procedure

1. Retrieve necessary reference assessment documents prior to conducting reference.
• Library Reference Assessment Daily Tracking
• Reference Assessment Scale
2. When receiving chat reference, phone reference, or email reference throughout eachbusiness day, keep track of each point of reference on the Library Reference Assessment Daily Tracking sheet.
3. Label each individual block with the current day. 
4. For each point of reference check the type of reference in that block. 
5. At the end of that interaction, scale it as a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. These scales and their criteria can be found on the Reference Assessment Scale document. 
6. Daily reference assessment will need to be further documented in your individual Library Reference Assessment tracking sheet, which is located within the S-Drive inside the Reference folder under Assessment.