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General Business: Mergent Online

About Mergent Online

Why Use Mergent Online?

When you are investigating a company Mergent Online is your best choice and gives you information beyond what you are going to find on the company's website, free online tools, or even through some of our other databases.

Mergent Online features:

  • Company financials that can go back decades.
  • Government filings and annual reports.
  • Lists of companies in a specific sector and location (country, state, or zip code). 
  • Executive lists.
  • U.S. economic and GDP snapshots and reports.
  • Company Supply Chain - follow a company's products and who a company contracts and partners with to make them.
  • The M&A Scenario Report allows you to review "what if" scenarios on mergers and acquisitions between entities.
  • Locate country and industry information, in addition to specific company information.


Searching in Mergent Online

You have several options from the Mergent Online homepage. The two primary options are:

  • Enter keywords into the search box to the left to search for a specific company.
  • Use the box to the right to search by industry, index, exchange, or country. The industry search is likely the most useful feature here.

Additionally, you can:

  • Use the Country Profile drop down menu to quickly access a country profile (PDF format).
  • Use the Corporate Calendar to see what's going on that day with various company's reporting mechanisms (conference call, earnings calls, etc.).
  • Use the tabs at the top to navigate to the Advanced Search, Executive Search, Government Filings, and other modules. The Advanced Search is where to go if you want to make a list of companies in a specific market and location instead of searching for a specific company.

How-to Video

Government Filings

You can search for company filings by company and narrow down by date, or you can search to see what was filed on what day. You can also narrow down by filing type. There are a number of options that works much like the other search features. Reports may be available in HTML, PDF, excel, and/or Word. There is also the ability to select multiple reports and print as a batch.

Economic Research

Use the Economic Research tab to get snapshots and analysis about US economic indicators in interactive charts with up to
30 years of data. Data, reports and definitions are available to view and download

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis allows a user to find industry reports by searching for a company or an industry.  The reports can be narrowed down by date and geographic location. Not all regions and time periods are covered in all industries, so you might want to start broad. This is a great place to find historical industry reports.

Report Viewer

The Report Viewer is a searchable point of access to company, annual, and equity reports, Mergent reports and Mergent
company portraits.