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General Business: IBISWorld

What is IBISWorld?

Why Use IBISWorld?

IBISWorld contains a collection of in-depth industry reports and business environment profiles.

  • U.S. Industry Reports (700+ reports at the 5-digit NAICS code level)
  • U.S. Specialized Industry Reports (niche and emerging industries)
  • U.S. Industry State Reports (state-specific information on selected industries)
  • US Industry & Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries (condenses integral elements from reports into bite-sized paragraphs, graphics and tables, highlighting key issues with a Q&A section)
  • U.S. Business Environment Profiles (key drivers and influencing factors which are responsible for change in a selected industry)
  • Global Industry Reports (74 industries)

Searching IBIS World

Searching IBIS World

In the main search box, search by keyword, company name, or 5-digit NAICS industry code. Depending on the size and diversity of product/activity of some companies, more than one NAICS code may be attributed to the company.



The results list can be filtered by country or report type. Access a report by clicking on the title.


How-to Video

Industry Reports

You can see a list of all of the different types of reports available in IBISWorld by clicking on the Industry Research link at the top of the page.

Each report includes a number of main sections with subsections underneath. While the exact content of the subsections varies depending on the industry and country, the list below provides some of the types of information you could find:

  • About this industry - definitions / supply chain information / major players
  • Industry at a glance - "executive summary" about the industry / statistics snapshot
  • Industry performance - external drivers / current performance
  • Industry outlook - outlook / lifecycle information
  • Products and markets - supply chain information / products / services / markets / international trade / locations
  • Competitive landscape - markets share concentration / key success factors / cost structure benchmarks / barriers to entry
  • Major companies - information about companies operating in this sector
  • Operating conditions - capital intensity information / technology and systems / regulation and policy
  • Key statistics - industry data / annual change / key ratios

US Industry State Reports

The state industry collection complements the core US NAICS industry collection by offering state-specific information across a multitude of industries. This collection addresses the needs of clients looking for industry data, analysis and forecasts at a more local level. New industries and states to this collection every week.

Business Environment Profiles

IBISWorld includes Business Environment Profiles for the United States. Every industry faces a set of drivers outside its control that have a material effect on industry performance. These profiles provide insight into these key drivers, which can include exchange rates, commodity prices, interest rates, weather conditions, consumer attitudes, demographics, and many more.

The US Business Environment Profiles are arranged under the following headings:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Demographics
  • Domestic Commodities and Goods
  • Domestic Economy
  • Financial Markets
  • International Economy and Commodities
  • Other Indicators
  • U.S. Government