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What is IBISWorld?

Why Use IBISWorld?

IBISWorld contains a collection of in-depth industry reports and business environment profiles.

  • U.S. Industry Reports (700+ reports at the 5-digit NAICS code level)
  • U.S. Specialized Industry Reports (niche and emerging industries)
  • U.S. Industry State Reports (state-specific information on selected industries)
  • US Industry & Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries (condenses integral elements from reports into bite-sized paragraphs, graphics and tables, highlighting key issues with a Q&A section)
  • U.S. Business Environment Profiles (key drivers and influencing factors which are responsible for change in a selected industry)
  • Global Industry Reports (74 industries)

Searching IBIS World

Searching IBIS World

In the main search box, search by keyword, company name, or 5-digit NAICS industry code. Depending on the size and diversity of product/activity of some companies, more than one NAICS code may be attributed to the company.



The results list can be filtered by country or report type. Access a report by clicking on the title.