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Homeland Security: Find Articles

Recommended Databases for Homeland Security Research

Where can I find articles for my Homeland Security research?

The Discovery Search box on the library home page is a great place to begin your homeland security research:

The databases listed here are good starting points for finding articles on homeland security-related topics.

For a complete list of databases and their descriptions, click the Databases link located on the CSU Library home page.

How to Research Homeland Security Topics

What are peer-reviewed articles?

Peer-reviewed articles are written by subject experts and are reviewed by other experts in the field before publication in order to ensure the articles' quality.

See this guide for more information about identifying peer-reviewed articles and how to find them in the CSU Library.

What's the best way to search the library databases?

The best way to search the library databases is to try out different combinations of key words/short phrases.  Phrase searching is one technique you can use to refine your search.  To phrase search, place phrases inside quotation marks or parentheses.  This tells the database to search the phrase as a unit instead of a string of keywords.


"domestic terrorism"

(domestic terrorism)

Having trouble accessing library resources? Refer to the Tech Tips document or contact CSU HelpDesk Support at 877-399-1063 or via chat in your myCSU Student Portal.