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History: Videos

Films on Demand

Films on Demand houses a collection of streaming video titles from both academic and mainstream producers such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PBS, A&E, History Channel, BBC, National Geographic, and others. Ranging in length from short clips to feature-length documentaries, this collection offers something for researchers in most academic programs and disciplines.

History of the World Series

This epic eight-part series travels through time to the big stories of history.

The Roman Empire in the First Century Series

Through the experiences, memories, and writings of the people who lived it, this four-part series tells the story of that time--the emperors, slaves, poets, and plebeians who wrested order from chaos, built the most advanced society the world had ever seen, and shaped the Roman empire in the first century CE. 

The Black Death Series

This series explores the outbreak of the Black Death in the 14th century that decimated populations across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Enlightenment:  Civilization and Ideas

The 14th-18th centuries was a time of new ideas for scholars, artists, radicals, scientists, free thinkers, and philosophers. This video explores these ideas which shaped our modern world.

World War I:  The War in Europe

This video illustrates the events of World War I as it was waged in the conflict's primary theater of operations, Europe.

World War II

This program covers World War II from the invasion of Poland to the Nuremberg war trials and the hanging of the Nazi war criminals.

America:  The Story of Us

This 12-part series reveals the conflicts and connections that have shaped U. S. history.

Liberty!  The American Revolution Series

This video explores how Britain's 13 colonies came to declare war upon their mother country, the progress of that war, and the lasting effects those events have had on the United States of America.

Framework for Democracy:  The Living Constitution

The United States Constitution was designed to provide a strong central government without threatening the existence of states or liberty.

The Divided Union:  The Story of the Civil War, 1861-1865

The Divided Union brings out the many political, economic, social, cultural, and international implications of America's Civil War.

Save Our History:  Dear Home--Letters from World War I

This program captures the Great War through the letters American soldiers wrote home.

Pearl Harbor:  Battleline

This classic program incorporates authentic World War II archival film footage and accounts from soldiers on both sides of the battleline in the Pacific.

Winston Churchill, from the WPA Film Library Speeches Collection

This collection of significant speeches given by Winston Churchill covers the dark days of World War II when he was prime minister and the first decade of the post-war years.

The Civil Rights Movement

This video reveals a long-running struggle for racial equality starting with the Civil War and moving through years of struggle to the drama of King's movement.

Cold War

This program frames the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union as the defining conflict of much of the 20th century.