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English Composition: Web Resources

Evaluating Websites as Research Sources

How do I evaluate websites for credibility?


Library vs. Google

How to Find Web Resources

How do I find credible websites?


You can find websites by searching the Internet with your keywords. When searching the Internet, it is important that you analyze your sources carefully to make sure the information is correct and unbiased.

The domain of a website (the suffix at the end of a web address) can be a good indicator of the the website's authority and accuracy.

Domain Suffix Type Description Credible?
.com Commercial  Businesses No
.gov Government  Branches of the United States federal government Yes
.edu Higher Education Colleges, universities Yes
.org Non-Profit Organization  Charitable, religious, or lobbying groups Yes
.mil Military Branches of the United States Armed Forces Yes
.net Internet Service Provider  Catch-all for various different types of websites No
As you conduct your research, you may find website sources providing information, research or commentary. As with any source outside the CSU Library, please fully evaluate it and make sure it meets your assignment's resource requirements.  If you have questions about using a website for your research, please contact your professor.

Fact-Checking Websites

Digital Resource Center: Center for News Literacy 

Site seeks to share information to improve News Literacy by providing instruction on how to locate reliable information in the media. 

A "nonpartisan, non-profit consumer advocate" for voters which seeks to reduce deception and confusion in U.S. politics.

Sister website to that includes resources to help viewers see flaws in general arguments and political ads. 

Opposing Viewpoints Database

Library database that provides information containing multiple perspectives or arguments about common controversial topics.

Site that began research into the truth behind urban legends has since grown into the oldest and largest fact-checking site on the Internet.