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Emergency Medical Services: Organizations & Associations

Organizations & Associations

NAEMT offers a resources to support those who are in the EMS profession.  Their publications, accessible here, feature information on issues important to EMS and the patients they serve.

The NASEMSO website contains a wealth of EMS information. Multiple resources are provided for each of the organization's current projects. Some of those projects are: EMS EducationEMS Workforce Planning & Development GuidelinesFatigue in EMS; and Veteran to Civilian EMS. Other materials at the site include mongraphs based on state data collection and additional reports.

The National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) is "a national effort to standardize the data collected by EMS agencies." In 2015, data was received from EMS agencies in 49 states and territories. Reports based on the submitted data are available from the website.

Serving as the nation's emergency medical services certification organization, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians offers resources for those involved in the EMS profession.

Safe provides resources about ground ambulance standards and EMS safety.

WHO provides information on the symptoms and treatment of a variety of different diseases and health concerns, as well as related publications such as fact sheets and journals.