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Physics: Web Resources

Web Resources

Astronomy Picture of the Day

From NASA--each day a different picture of photograph is displayed accompanied by an explanation from an astronomer.

Web-based science, research, and technology news service which covers a full range of topics including physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, and more.

Government information and research results.  Currently in its fifth generation, this website provides a search of over 60 scientific databases and 200 million pages of science information with just one query and is a gateway to over 2200 scientific websites.


The online home of leading journals and conference proceedings from AIP Publishing and AIP Member Societies.

Domain Names

The domain of a website (the postscript at the end of a web address) can be a good indicator of the the website's authority and accuracy.

  • .com Commercial Site
  • .gov Government Agency
  • .edu Higher Education
  • .org Organization. May be charitable, religious, or a lobbying group.
  • .mil Military
  • .net Internet Service Provider
As you conduct your research, you may find external website sources providing additional information, research or commentary. As with any external source, please fully evaluate and verify against assignment resource parameters. If you have questions on selection of a resource, please feel free to connect with the course professor for review.

Website Evaluation

How do I evaluate websites for credibility? Try this checklist!

How Do I Evaluate Websites for Credibility?

How do I evaluate websites for credibility?

Use this checklist to help you evaluate websites for credibility as research sources.

Evaluating Sources for Credibility

Resource Types