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Western Civilization: Videos

Attention Students:

 Below you will see examples of videos available in the library's Films on Demand database, but you will need to explore further to find videos on your chosen topic.

Films on Demand

Films on Demand houses a collection of streaming video titles from both academic and mainstream producers such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PBS, A&E, History Channel, BBC, National Geographic, and others. Ranging in length from short clips to feature-length documentaries, this collection offers something for researchers in most academic programs and disciplines.

History of the World Series

This epic eight-part series travels through time to the big stories of history.

The Roman Empire in the First Century Series

Through the experiences, memories, and writings of the people who lived it, this four-part series tells the story of that time--the emperors, slaves, poets, and plebeians who wrested order from chaos, built the most advanced society the world had ever seen, and shaped the Roman empire in the first century CE. 

The Vikings Uncovered Series 

This series uncovers Viking sites ranging from Britain to America and discusses how these coastal raiders were able to sail thousands of miles while their contemporaries' ships rarely left the shoreline. 

Vikings and Normans 

This video details the culture and lifestyle of the Vikings as both farmers and seafarers as well as their influence upon England, Scotland, the Far East, and even their discovery of the Americas. The video discusses the successes of the Normans as a specific group of Vikings who conquered northern France, but adopted the Christian faith and the French language. Beyond this, the video divulges the political success of the Normans in their development of their own kingdom, the Norman Conquest in England in 1066 CE, and more.  

The Black Death Series

This series explores the outbreak of the Black Death in the 14th century that decimated populations across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The Renaissance, Scientific Revolution, and Enlightenment:  Civilization and Ideas

The 14th-18th centuries was a time of new ideas for scholars, artists, radicals, scientists, free thinkers, and philosophers. This video explores these ideas which shaped our modern world.

World War I:  The War in Europe

This video illustrates the events of World War I as it was waged in the conflict's primary theater of operations, Europe.

World War II

This program covers World War II from the invasion of Poland to the Nuremberg war trials and the hanging of the Nazi war criminals.