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Critical Thinking: Videos

Films on Demand

Films on Demand houses a collection of streaming video titles from both academic and mainstream producers such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PBS, A&E, History Channel, BBC, National Geographic, and others. Ranging in length from short clips to feature-length documentaries, this collection offers something for researchers in most academic programs and disciplines.

Critical Reading vs. Critical Thinking

Learn the differences between critical and non-critical reading.  Critical reading and thinking require participants to be active, skeptical, purposeful, and objective towards the source material.

Critical Thinking Series

This three-part series explains in detail three skills that are key to critical thinking:  the ability to determine credibility, to assess the significance of evidence, and to know when to question assumptions.

Introduction to Philosophy:  Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning

This video highlights the critical thinking and logical reasoning skills necessary to analyze an argument and present a clear position on philosophical issues.

Streaming Video Suggestions

Dan Ariely Videos

Dan Ariely does "research in behavioral economics and tries to explain it in plain language."

Five Tips to Improve Your Critical Thinking

This video describes a five-step process to help people solve problems and make better decisions.

Using the Tools of Critical Thinking for Effective Decision Making

This webinar introduces the basics of critical thinking and its role in making better decisions.