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MAT 1302/1303 Algebra I & II: Find Articles

Finding Articles: A Quick Start Guide

Find Articles: Video Tutorials

Phrase Searching

What's the best way to search the library databases?

The best way to search the library databases is to try out different combinations of key words/short phrases.  Phrase searching is one technique you can use to refine your search.  To phrase search, place phrases inside quotation marks or parentheses.  This tells the database to search the phrase as a unit instead of a string of keywords.

For example:

"business management"

(business management)

Algebra Research

You may find the Academic Search Ultimate database to be a useful resource for researching topics related to algebra; it contains the following journals related to the topic:

  • Algebra and Logic

  • Algebra

  • ISRN Algebra

  • Journal for Algebra & Number Theory Academica

  • Journal of Algebraic Statistics


If you need help finding journal articles, click here.

Other Recommended Databases

What databases should I search for Mathematics topics?

The databases listed here are a good starting point:

For a completed list of databases and their descriptions, click the Databases link located on the CSU Library homepage.

Accessing Databases

Accessing the databases listed on this guide require you to first be logged in to the myCSU.

  • Ensure that you are logged in to myCSU
  • Click on the desired database link, which should immediately direct you to the database interface.
  • If you have any questions, contact us 24 hours per day through our live Chat Service

Tech Tips

Having trouble accessing library resources? Refer to the Tech Tips document or contact CSU HelpDesk Support at 877-399-1063 or via chat in your myCSU Student Portal.