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HY 1110/1120 American History I & II: Reference Materials


Students in history courses should contact their professor to determine whether the use of encyclopedias is allowed. Also, please view the Wikipedia Statement provided below. 

Reference Materials

Reference materials typically constitute established knowledge rendered in the form of certain publications and/or online sources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, bibliographies, almanacs, directories, etc.

Wikipedia Statement

Using Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a site containing content that is collaboratively produced. This collaborative editing may be performed by individuals who may or may not be proficient or learned in the subject on which they are writing. The uncensored and unverified opinions contained in and on the Wikipedia site cannot be used for substantiating hypotheses or conclusions. Wikipedia absolutely cannot be used as a source in bibliographic citations, quotes, scholarly work, or assignments.

Please use the Library databases for acquiring reliable research resources. If the information that you need cannot be acquired from the databases, please contact your CSU library staff for assistance by emailing or by telephoning toll-free to 1.877.268.8046.

Reference Materials