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Art Appreciation: Image Searching

A guide to resources on the visual arts.

Databases for Image Searching in the Library

For instructions on how to image search, view the instructions box to the right:

Databases to consider for image searching in the library are:

You may also conduct a short keyword search in a database and look for Images in the Content to the right of the results. Here are some databases, which may best utilize this feature:


*Please note that the library does not possess an image database. The databases suggested above simply house some images within them.

Image Searching in the Library

In the America: History and Life with Full Text and the Academic Search Ultimate databases, you can tailor your search specifically for images.


  • Select Databases on the library homepage
  • Navigate to either America: History and Life with Full Text or Academic Search Ultimate in the list
  • Inside the database in the blue bar at the top, click "More", which should present a dropdown menu.
  • From that menu select "Images".
  • In the new search screen that comes up, search for images by using keywords.
    • Be sure to search for phrases in quotation marks, such as: "great depression"

Image collection

Note: If you select an image to view, there is additional information including the permissions.