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LibConnect: 2022 | August 8-12

A place for the CSU Library team to connect and share.

This week we're celebrating Book Lovers' Day!

Share a favorite book with your fellow bibliophiles!


Even though I didn't read Fahrenheit 451 until I was in graduate school, it pushed me into rediscovering why I love to read and why books are so important to me. Books and the written word have power. It was nice seeing and feeling that again.


Mystery is my favorite genre and Daphne Du Maurier my favorite author. Fun fact, Jamaica Inn is a real place and I've read that this book was inspired by her stay there. If you like period dramas and twist endings, definitely check her out! 


Still probably my favorite of all time. 


I credit Jane Eyre with sparking my love for all things historical and British! Jane Eyre was one of the first British novels I read--I was captivated by its mystery and the time period in which it was set.











I don't know how I hadn't read this, but just did so this weekend. Woah! A seemingly simple, but magical story rich with life messages. I loved it! My husband is reading it now and I've sent a copy to my mom.