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Empirical Research: Safety & Emergency Services Research

Empirical Research

  • Reports research based on experience, observation or experiment
  • Tests a hypothesis against real data
  • May use quantitative research methods that generate numerical data to establish causal relationships between variables 
  • May use qualitative research methods that analyze behaviors, beliefs, feelings, or values 

Empirical Research

For empirical research studies in the field of Safety and Emergency Services, you can explore any of the following databases:

In each database, select the box for Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals to help filter the results to the type of publication that would have empirical research.


For search terms, along with the main topic, you can also try searching terms like: research or  empirical research. A sample search relating to occupational safety, could use search terms like:

"industrial safety" AND "empirical research"

You may need to explore various search terms. 


As you move through your research, if you have questions on selecting a topic or verification of a source, please feel free to connect with the course professor. The course professor is the resource for clarification of course content and assignment expectations.

Additional resources