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Empirical Research: Find Empirical Articles

General Search Tips

Place quotation marks around phrases to search the phrase as a unit of information, rather than as separate terms. 

 For example: "social media"  

Find Articles: Video Tutorials

Find Empirical Research Articles

Locate empirical research by typing the topic's key words or key phrases into the database's search box, then add the word study or studies to your search.

 For example: "social media" AND study OR studies




‚ÄčIf you are having difficulty, other limiting terms that may be helpful include:

  • research
  • observation
  • findings
  • participants
  • "participant group"
  • survey
  • experiment
  • subjects
  • "longitudinal study"

In each database, select the box for Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Peer Reviewed Journals to help filter the results to the type of publication that would have empirical research.

Examples of Empirical Research Articles

Marston, S. H., Brunetti, G. J., & Courtney, V. B. (2005). Elementary and high school teachers: birds of a feather? Education, 125(3), 469+.