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CSU Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The CSU Library does not carry access to course eTextbooks. Your eTextbook will be linked to your course within Blackboard. You will find a link to your eTextbook under the Content area in the middle of your course page. For assistance with eTextbook technical issues, please contact the Blackboard Tech Support team at  or (877) 399-1063. Note: access to a course eTextbook will be available on the course start date, but not before.


For questions about physical textbook shipping or receiving, please contact the CSU Bookstore at or 877-323-4474.
The CSU Library is completely online and does not have physical course textbooks for student use. For this reason the CSU Library does not house course textbooks. Please contact the CSU Bookstore for further assistance with your physical textbooks at or 877-323-4474.
A course designated as an ILR course does not have a textbook. Instead, students are assigned a variety of readings within each unit. Check the Unit Study Guide to access links to that unit's required and suggested reading assignments. For questions about course reading assignments or other resources in courses, please defer to the instructor of that course.

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