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CSU Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


You can find the NFPA Codes & Standards in the library through the E-Journals box on the library homepage. For more information and a brief tutorial, click HERE.
On the library homepage, click the button labeled E-Journals.  The Journal of Emergency Management is in the list.  Click the title to be redirected to the journal page, and select "Click Here to Open Portal" to browse through the current issue.
See the question above for instructions on accessing the journal.  Once inside the portal, you have two options.  Option 1: click on "Back Issues" near the top to bring up a list of back issues on the right and use the arrows at the bottom to locate the specific issue you need.  Use this first option if you need to locate a specific volume/issue number.  Option 2: click the arrow next to "Search in this issue" and select "Search Archives"; type your search term in the search box and hit enter.
A code is no longer necessary for access. Please see the question above for instructions on accessing the journal. If you have trouble with access, please contact a CSU librarian via email, phone, or chat.

Google continues to make changes to how it supports plugins like Flash. Recently Google has implemented changes to their base security to disable flash by default. As flash is required to access our ejournals, these settings need to be modified as detailed below.

1) Open your choice of browser, e.g. chrome, IE, firefox

2) Check to see if flash player is installed here:

Chrome Specific Instructions:

3a) Follow steps on screen. Note that flash player is installed by default on Chrome but not enabled. Click on the notice regarding this on test page in step 2 above.

Flash Player is pre-installed in Google Chrome, but not enabled.
Enable Flash Player on Google Chrome

3b) Cut and paste the following in to the chrome browser: chrome://settings/content/siteDetails

3c) Under flash, change the setting to "Allow", close browser

4) Go to details located at: -- right click on the lock or Secure symbol on the address bar, go to Flash, change to "always allow on this site".

Go back to, right click on the information tab = I (with circle around it), go down to Flash, then switch to allow.  There might be a blue RELOAD that you can click on to get you back to the ejournal site.  It should load fine now.

For all other browsers besides Chrome, please follow the instructions listed on this link:


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