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CSU Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Databases are electronic platforms that contain a collection of searchable electronic information.  The CSU Library subscribes to a variety of databases that support research for CSU students and faculty.  Databases cover academic disciplines and subjects by varying degrees.  Some focus on just e-books or dissertations, while others feature thousands of journal articles, news sources, and even multimedia sources. To locate the library's databases, click Databases on the library homepage.
For a complete list of all the video tutorials the library offers, visit our Video Tutorials guide. 
The CSU Library has a chat feature available in the library for students to utilize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This chat box can be found on the library homepage above the Contact Us box. It is marked by a blue border and will say Ask a Librarian above it. The 24/7 Chat box is also available on the Library FAQ page, inside of every CSU Library Subject Guide, inside of the Discovery Search feature found on the library homepage, and in every EBSCO database to which the library subscribes.
Unfortunately, the CSU Library is not equipped to assist with your SafeAssign questions. The Safeassign Originality Checker tool is found on the Institution Page inside Blackboard. Log into your Blackboard and look for the Institution Page on the upper leftside of the page. For any further assistance with the Safeassign Originality Checker, please defer your questions to your course instructor, your student advisor, or to a writing specialist in the CSU Writing Center. For more information about SafeAssign, please take a look at this page from the Writing Center.
Interlibrary loan services are not available through the CSU Library. To find materials via an interlibrary loan service, please seek out a local public or academic library where the service is offered. You may also find our How to Use WorldCat tutorial helpful with this. 
Articles from your searches can be saved to a folder within the library's databases. However, a separate account will need to be created to utilize the folder feature. Here is the Creating Personal Research Folders tutorial that demonstrates how to create an account and save to the folder. Because the CSU Library will not have access to the information for personal database folders or login information, please remember to make note of account sign in email and password when creating the account. For technical assistance associated with your personal database folder access, please reach out to EBSCO Support at (800)758-5995.
The CSU Library is an online library and does not carry any physical resources. For help with your technology inquiries, we recommend reaching out to the CSU Tech Support team at or (877) 399-1063.

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