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CSU Library Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


For information on APA formatting and citations, please look under "Learning Resources" on the Writing Center's website.  The Writing Center is part of the CSU Success Center and exists to support students through writing advice at all stages of the writing process and through APA formatting assistance.
The library staff does not comment on student papers.  For writing help on a specific paper or project, students should contact a Writing Specialist in the CSU Writing Center or use the link at the bottom of its website to fill out a Writing Center Request. Writing Center Request forms can also be found within each course in Blackboard.
It is not recommended for students to copy and paste citations generated in the library databases. There will be links in the databases for Citation Tools, Cite, or Cite Book. These are meant as loose guides only, and should not be directly copied and pasted into assignments (as this is computer generated and can be incorrect). Please review the provided citation examples and materials from the Writing Center as guides to build APA citations. For more APA Style information, contact the CSU Writing Center by email at or by phone at 1.877.875.0533.

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