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CSU Library Training Guide



Welcome to Columbia Southern University's Library team!


This training guide is designed to provide you with information about CSU and the CSU Library. The major aspects of this guide include:

  • Employee Resources - includes links to helpful resources, VPN set-up procedures, Ring Central set-up procedures, and Outlook set-up procedures.
  • Student Resources - includes links to helpful student support phone numbers as well as link to student resources including the Writing Center, the Bookstore, and Technical Support.
  • Librarian Resources - includes an overview of the library and library processes for phone, chat, course quality tickets, course review, and Omega.

How to Use This Guide

Each section of this guide acts as a stand-alone resource that you can access at any time while working at CSU. As you are beginning your training, it is recommended to start your training in this order:

  • First, review the history of CSU and the organizational chart.
  • Then, we recommend setting up your devices and accounts including Ring Central, Outlook, and your VPN.
  • Next, review all the resources available to the students and make note of the phone numbers to various student support offices.
  • Finally, a large part of this guide includes library processes and procedures. Use this section as both a reference tool and as a guide to learn the library processes.