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CSU Library Training Guide

Welcome to Unit II!

In this unit, you will learn about:

  • The CSU Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  • CSU's History
  • CSU's Academic Degree Programs
  • CSU Departments
  • Omega
  • S-Drive

CSU MIssion, Vision, and Core Values

CSU's mission, vision, and values set the course for the direction of our services. Take time to review them below.

History of CSU

As a for-profit, privately-owned institution, Columbia Southern University has a unique history compared to most colleges and universities. Learn more about CSU's path to success through the eyes of its Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Robert Mayes.

CSU's Academic Degree Programs

CSU's academic programs are divided into three colleges: College of Safety and Emergency Services, College of Business, and College of Arts and Sciences. Learn more about the degree programs offered within each college below.

CSU Departments

Here in the library, we sometimes get questions that are not library or research-related. It is important to know who to connect students with when they contact you about subjects outside of our expertise. Following are some topics students inquire about most frequently that require transfer to other departments:

  • APA Citation and Writing Help -- Success Center (Writing Center)
  • Textbook Shipping -- Bookstore
  • Accessing E-Textbook -- Technical Support

Click the link below to view a document that walks you through an overview of each CSU department. Departments that you may reference more frequently are designated by a star.

CSU Phone Numbers and Extensions

Review this handy guide and make note of the CSU phone numbers, department group rotations, and extensions listed here. Feel free to print this guide out and post it near your work station for a quick reference.


Omega is CSU's internal learning management system. Created in-house by President Ken Styron, Omega software is utilized by all of the departments at CSU. In the library, we mainly use Omega to:

  • Verify student contact information
  • Look up courses in which students are enrolled
  • Add library research guide links to courses
  • Verify faculty contact information and program affiliations
  • Identify courses offered within each college and program area


The entire University shares an internal drive called the S-Drive. You can access the library's folder by clicking on "s-drive" in your Document/Files area. The path to the library folder is Academic and Student Affairs > Library > Private > Library. This is where you will find the library's saved content, including our tracking and assessment spreadsheets for reference and instruction.

You have a folder already created for you in the 16_Librarians folder. We recommend you save all of your library content here. Feel free to explore the other librarians' folders to see how they have their folders organized.

Unit II Assignment

We'd like you to take some time to explore the university websites and software you will be using most often:  iConnect, Blackboard, the MyCSU Student Portal, and Omega.

Unit II Homework

Your last step in Unit II is to complete the following tasks: 

  • Create and upload a Bitmoji
  • Share your favorites

These will be uploaded to your profile in the LibConnect Team profile tab.