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CSU Library Training Guide

CSU Resources for Students

This section contains helpful links and resources to help CSU students.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Academic Advising (888) 785-3008  Ext.6518
Admissions (877) 347-6050  Ext.6521
Bookstore (877) 323-4474  Ext.6524
Career Services (877) 297-6192  Ext.6551
Financial Aid (877) 316-8396  Ext.6553
Math and Writing Centers (877) 875-0533  Ext.6538
Office of Disability Services (888) 785-3005  Ext.1434
Registrar (877) 316-0219  Ext.6526
Student Support (877) 323-4471  Ext.6525
Student Resolution (877) 977-8449  Ext.6527
Technical Support (877) 399-1063  Ext.6540