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CSU Library Training Guide

Welcome to Unit V!

In this unit, you will learn about processes and procedures used when assisting with the revision of courses:

  • Course Revisions
  • Course Creation/Revision Guide
  • Library Resources by College Guide
  • Course Reviews
  • Course Quality Tickets

Course Revisions

Course creations and revisions occur continuously at CSU. When a course is scheduled to be revised or created, the Department of Instructional Design and Technology sends a "Course Revision Assignment" email signaling the beginning of the process. This email lists the revision's course writer, instructional designer, planned completion dates, along with other identifying information. Upon receiving this email, the library liaison for that subject area sends an email highlighting related library resources to the assigned course writer and instructional designer.

Review the procedure for sending an email in response to a course revision below, the example of a "Course Revision Assignment" email, the sample library liaison response email, and our two faculty guides that we maintain for course writers and instructional designers: the Course Creation/Revision Guide and the Library Resources by College Guide.

Course Reviews

When reviewing courses, the librarian has two main goals:

  • To ensure that the library has sufficient resources to support course assignments
  • To verify that library resources listed on the Copyright Permissions Table have been cleared through RightFind (Copyright Clearance Center)

The Department of Instructional Design and Technology sends a "Ready for your SECOND Peer Review" email signaling that a course is ready for review. Upon receiving this email, the library liaison for that subject area reviews the course and sends any recommendations back to the instructional designer who sent the email.

See below for our course review procedure, a checklist you can use while reviewing courses, an example "SECOND Peer Review" email, and an example recommendations email sent to the instructional designer.

S-Drive Tracking Folder

  • 01_Course Reviews Tracking > Access current sheet

Course Quality Tickets

Although courses are reviewed and revised regularly, there are times when a library link is broken or a database name changes in between course revisions. When this occurs, a course quality ticket should be submitted to IDT so that the correction can be made in the course.

Review the procedure for submitting a course quality ticket and the example email below.

S-Drive Tracking Folder

  • 02_Course Quality Tracking > Access current sheet

Unit V Assignment

Now it's time to test your knowledge on Course Creations, Revisions, and Course Quality Tickets!

Unit V Homework

We want to see your photos! Submit 5-10 of your favorite photos of you and/or your family, pets, etc. below. These will be uploaded to your LibConnect profile in the Team tab.