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CSU Library Training Guide

Welcome to Unit IV!

In this unit, you will discover the processes and procedures that guide how we create and implement library instruction:

  • LibGuides
  • Camtasia
  • Library Webinars


LibGuides is the platform we use to create the library's Research Guides. You will have a set of Research Guides to maintain and/or create, which are assigned according to your liaison area. 

Review our processes and procedures for creating LibGuides below.

S-Drive Tracking Folder

  • 03_LibGuide Creation & Update Tracking > Access current sheet

Best Practices for Building LibGuides

Watch this session for an overview of some of the best practices for managing and designing LibGuides content:

LibGuide Accessibility

This guide offers tools and tips to help make LibGuides more accessible to students. Review this guide, and be sure and watch the embedded training webinar for more ideas on improving the accessibility of LibGuides.


Camtasia is the software we use to create our video tutorials. You will have a set of video tutorials to maintain and/or create, which are assigned according to your liaison area.

Review our Camtasia video creation procedures below, and view this short tutorial on how to record, edit, and share videos using Camtasia.

Also make note of the link below. The tutorials featured here can be very helpful once you begin creating your own video instruction for our students!

S-Drive Tracking Folder

  • Videos > Video Creation and Updates

Library Webinars

We provide live instruction via RingCentral to our students in the form of library webinars. Library Live! webinars are offered monthly, and Orientation Live! is offered weekly. You will offer live instructional webinars to students within your liaison area.

Review the checklist below to discover the practices we follow to plan and host library webinars. Also review the instructions for adding polls to RingCentral if you would like to poll students in your webinars:

S-Drive Tracking Folder

  • 14_Webinars > Library Webinars > Access current sheet

Unit IV Assignment

Time to see live instruction in action! Attend one of our upcoming live webinars (see schedule here), and complete the form below.

Unit IV Homework

More favorites wanted! List them below. These can be foods or anything you like. Complete any that apply. These will be uploaded to your LibConnect profile in the Team tab.