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CSU Library Training Guide

Welcome to Unit I!

In this unit, you will learn about:

  • The CSU Library's Mission, Leadership, and Team
  • The Role of the CSU Librarian
  • LibConnect
  • CSU Library homepage

CSU Library Mission, Leadership and Team

The Role of the CSU Librarian


LibConnect is the CSU Library Team's internal guide that we use to connect and share.

In LibConnect we post both weekly and monthly and share information about recommendations and what we enjoy, both personally and as librarians. We encourage you to explore this guide fully and be ready to share! Your LibConnect Team profile page will be developed through your participation in the training guide's unit homework assignments.

CSU Library Homepage

The CSU Library homepage is the gateway to all of the library's resources, and you will be using it extensively on a daily basis. Watch our library tour below to get an overview of our site's basic features.

Unit I Assignment

It's time to explore the website you will be using the most often: the CSU Library. Take this quiz to test your knowledge!

Unit I Homework

Your last step of Unit I is to write your librarian bio. For example bios, see the librarian profile pages within the Team tab in LibConnect.