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CSU Library Training Guide

VPN Procedures

CSU utilizes both Global Protect and Duo for its VPN clients. Below are videos and additional instruction on using these resources.

Steps to Logging Into the VPN
  1. Click the Global Protect "Connect" button on your computer home screen.
  2. Login with your CSU credentials.
  3. Follow prompts to receive DUO push notification to verify account (see enrollment instructions below).

Duo Remember Me

Duo supports "Remember Me" for 12 hours per application. Checking this block allows trust only for the current device for 12 hours and will not require another push, call, or text during this window. VPN and webmail would be considered two separate applications requiring Remember Me for 12 hours checks for both.

Duo Enrollment Instructions

Access to CSU web mail (Outlook) and the S-Drive utilizes an additional layer of security called multi-factor authentication (MFA). CSU has chosen Duo as our multi-factor authentication tool. The use of Duo will require an application download to your smart phone. If you are unable to use a smartphone, please email

Once your Duo account is created, you will receive an external email with an enrollment link generated specifically for you.  As soon as you receive this email, please follow the link to get enrolled. The email will look similar to the screenshot below.

Pic #1


Authentication for Outlook should look very similar to the login screenshot below. Note that your full email address is required for authentication.

Pic #2

An additional authentication step will occur after successful username and password entry. We recommend “Send Me A Push” as the easiest option to complete the login process. Choosing “Send Me A Push” sends a message directly to your smart phone without requiring entering a code to validate logins. If this is not your next screen, enrollment may not have been completed. Please email in this case.

Pic #3

If you get this prompt and not logging into CSU web mail, please take a screenshot, deny access, and contact Desktop Support. If you are trying to login, please click on the Approve login button on your phone. If you are not notified on your phone, you may have notifications muted. Open the Duo App on your phone manually and select approve.

VPN Procedures (Global Protect & DUO Remember Me)